Man Gets Caught with Cocaine Stuffed Clams in Luggage

Well, there’s a million ways to get drugs around the country and the government knows most of them.  So, when a laymen drug dealer tries to go into business for himself, the feds are always there to welcome them with open arms saying, “Don’t you know game peeps game?”

According to the Washington Examiner, 26-year-old David Pocasangre Vaquiz, of El Salvador, was coming through security at Dulles airport in Dulles, Va., and was sent through to a second security check and police found black baggies glued inside of 14 clams. 

That may have been a good hiding place for a DUMB drug dealer, but those who know they are going up against a country that stuffed vietnam soldiers’ bodies with drugs when they transported their dead back to the U.S., would know better.

Check out the story here.

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