Largest Medicare Fraud Case in History Nets 91 Crooks

There have been some real A-list crimes going down in the U.S.  Let’s start with Enron and  and all the people who lost their entire savings along with their job and the not so clean hands of Dick Cheney.  Or how about the scheme to beat all schemes pulled off by Bernie Maddoff?  Massive financial crimes are on the rise.  And this is no different.

With the recession bearing down on the needy in the U.S., it seems unfathomable that someone would think to rob the medicare system on top of everything else that’s gone financially haywire.  According to CBS News, the feds, in the largest medicare fraud case in history, arrested 91 people in eight different states for defrauding Medicare.  The players:  doctors, nurses, and other health care workers.

A very good guess is that these doctors are not giving back to the poor.  One Miami mental health clinic was set up with the sole intention on making fraudulent claims that would net those involved a nice payday.  Twenty-one people are now held in custody from this one bust alone.  Check out the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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