17-Year Old Whips It Out and Pees in Court Trash Can (Video)

Some people could care less about their freedom.  They go around “bussin’ a cap” at nearly anyone.  I’ve heard that’s called being “institutionalized.”  You know, when a human being simply cannot survive on the outside after they’ve spent various amounts of time behind bars.  But, it seems that there may be something even more mentally imbalanced about this young man who thought he could come into the courtroom and pee.

That’s right! A 17-year old young male suddenly thought it was appropriate to, mid-conversation with the judge and his attorney, step over to a trash can and “relieve” himself.  First he got into trouble about mumbling, then he tried to fire his attorney, and the last trick in his arsenal to get even more attention than his present predicament was the peeing in the can trick. That one worked!

Believe it or not, according to CNN, his attorney wanted to try and get him evaluated for mental competency.  You have to see this for yourself.

-J.C. Brooks

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