Michigan 4-Year Welfare Limit Cuts Off Thousands in October

Michigan has been taking financial hit after hit after hit.  The city of Detroit and the rest of the state have buckled under the effects of unemployment rate like no other. Now the republican governor for the state is enforcing the previous governor’s plan for cutting off cash benefits to welfare recipients.  Can anyone say “Dead wrong!”

Gov. Rick Snyder prepares to watch as tens of thousands are cut off financial assistance come October 1.  According to the Detroit News, previous governor, Jennifer Granholm, enacted a law in 2007 that put those in need on a four year time scale.  Now it’s time to pay the piper and tens of thousands will see their financial assistance dry up in a matter of weeks.

There is no possible way to sustain themselves in a state where the unemployment rate is nearly 11 percent.  What will they do?  I’ll tell you what they’re going to do, find another emergency program in the state to assist them with rent and other financial problems and the $60 million the state claims it will save on this four-year limit will not be any savings at all.

This plan makes no sense in a recession.  This is a plan for a state when things look like they are turning around, not when they are spiraling down in the wrong direction.  Check out the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Michigan 4-Year Welfare Limit Cuts Off Thousands in October”

  1. Many of the people I have contact with at work have mental illness and other disabilities and really not able to hold down a job. Even if they could hold down a job where would they get one in Michigan? Employers can pick ‘only the best’ in today’s economy. These are people that are totally dependent on food stamps to have something to eat. Many of them run out of food before their stamps are back on and will ask if I can give them something to eat. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood and did not realize how lucky I was. We are all Gods children–all of us!. I firmly believe the cuts that our governor is making will affect a lot of people that have no other options. Maybe it’s time that all the fat cats stop dining on the best money can buy and try living like the average and poor people have to live for at least a year and then see what kind of cuts they would make. I mean truly get by on $200.00 or less a month to eat on. Not be able to afford toilet paper! Live in a neighborhood where you are afraid to go out at night. I am a proud christian who loves the lord and ‘all’ my brothers and sisters–ALL OF THEM. For all of you who ride the abortion issue–I do not believe in abortion. I also don’t believe the little children we right to life people fight for should go hungry or do without. You can’t have it both ways. If we are gonna fight for their lives we need to step up and fight to make sure they have what they need. Our politicians have been riding on the shirt tales of religion for to long just to get elected. That is totally wrong. If you are really a christian you will have a ‘bleeding heart’ and you will care about everyone–not just the ‘proper’ wealthy people who get richer and richer while the poor suffer!

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