Man Fathers 150 Children…through Sperm Donation

It appears that sperm donation has gone wild!  The intention of sperm donation was for those women who found it impossible to find the perfect mate to go half on a baby with.  So instead, she cuts out the middle man, so to speak, and gets with a glass tube that holds the perfect genetic material for her child and, in her mind, the perfect father.  But, what happens when that genetic material is appealing to over 100 women?

The Guardian reports that one man is father to 150 children.  He would have a hard time planning a family reunion just for his part of the family, right?  Well, there’s other factors that are disturbing about this over-dissemination of sperm.  No one would’ve ever imagined that there would be a chance of incest and thus genetic mutation if siblings ever unwittingly had children or a higher risk for the spread of disease.

This sounds quite irresponsible on the part of the sperm donation center that would allow the extreme use of this donor.  But, money drives their business and they have not put their societal responsibility before the profits.  Check out the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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