Only Woman to get Electric Chair in Georgia

Lena Baker in a police photo February 23, 1945, for shooting employer in self defense. She was later executed by electric chair in Georgia, March 5, 1945. She was the only woman to get the electric chair in Georgia.

The crimes that African Americans committed and did not commit have long been given exceptionally lengthy  sentences and/or extreme penalties.  One of the worst abuse of justice went to a black woman in Georgia in 1945.  She was sentenced to die in the electric chair for killing a white man. Continue reading

Site Posts ‘Extremely Controversial Things’ Giving Racists Voice

If a site asks its viewers to say the most controversial things that they wouldn’t normally say to anyone for fear of an argument or worse, what do you think they would say first?  That’s right, you guessed it…something racist! Continue reading

NY Shooting Caught on Tape in front of McDonald’s (Video)

A young man in a red jacket repeatedly shoots another, Tyquan Sewell, 18, while being taped on a NYPD surveillance camera, Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

A long time ago, Marvin Gaye asked, in one of his most popular songs, “What’s Goin’ On?” And that same song and his question of our society is still relevant today.  But now when mayhem ensues in our streets, it’s caught on tape and the question becomes more penetrating than ever before.  Two young men plot to take another young man’s life and we see it unfold before our eyes…in broad daylight. Continue reading

Bank of America to Charge $5 Per Month for Debit Card ‘Swipe’

The banking industry is back to its usual tactics.  We are getting ready to be screwed again on the fees that the largest bank in America will begin to charge early next year.  We are carrying the burden for all of the low down, underhanded, predatory lending they did in the mortgage end of their business.  And since they lost on that venture, now we have to pay up…WITH OUR DEBIT CARDS! Continue reading

Several New York High School Students Caught Cheating on SAT

Sam Eshaghoff, 19, was arrested for taking SAT test for several students at Great Neck North High School in Long Island, NY

Some of the students in America are trying to get in on the American dream by any means necessary.  They are paying big money to get it too.  Which would lead most to believe that they are halfway there already.  The New York school system is reeling from an academic scandal that may change the way the SAT test is taken in the country…but not in New York. Continue reading

Ice Cream Costume Mistaken for Klan Costume (Video)

A lot of small businesses have made mistakes while trying to come up with interesting or inventive ways  to advertise their business.  But one family owned business in Florida found that they might want to advertise their ice cream shop with samples instead of an ice cream cone shaped costume. Continue reading

Idris Elba is the Next James Bond?

Is Idris Elba the next James Bond?

Idris Elba is a man of many faces that has taken Hollywood by storm.  But not only has he taken on the big screen, he became the ladies’ desire on HBO’s Baltimore drug drama, The Wire.  But, what most didn’t know at the time was that he was not from these shores; that actually, he is an import.

London is the former DJ’s home, but he’s a major fixture on the landscape of America’s entertainment world now.  The Emmy award nominated actor has long been rumored to Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Worst Back-up Singer Ever!

It is truly a shame that American Idol won’t see this woman because she may be too old to be eligible for a chance on the show.  She desperately needs their critique of her singing. I’m almost certain that anyone that has told her that she needs a little coaching in that area, she has labeled haters. But, you can judge for yourself right now. Continue reading