Lionsgate Says it will Launch Tyler Perry TV Network

*Lionsgate is looking to follow Oprah Winfrey and launch a new cable TV network anchored by Tyler Perry.

Since one of Tyler Perry’s best buds is Oprah Winfrey, why not follow her successful blueprint.

With that in mind, it looks like Lionsgate is set to bankroll a new cable TV network with Perry at the helm, reports

“Tyler is one of those rare resources that one could launch a channel with. We have a lot of options if we choose to go down that path,” Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told financial analysts Wednesday.

But Feltheimer wouldn’t go into details following a report Tuesday in the New York Times about a planned cable TV channel called Tyler TV.

But Feltheimer praised Perry as a “rare piece of talent that can bring an audience anywhere.”

On how a Tyler Perry cable venture might be rolled out, he said Lionsgate could buy and rebrand a not-fully distributed channel, or pursue a “nesting strategy” with a channel it already has, including TV Guide.

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