Lionsgate Says it will Launch Tyler Perry TV Network

*Lionsgate is looking to follow Oprah Winfrey and launch a new cable TV network anchored by Tyler Perry.

Since one of Tyler Perry’s best buds is Oprah Winfrey, why not follow her successful blueprint.

With that in mind, it looks like Lionsgate is set to bankroll a new cable TV network with Perry at the helm, reports

“Tyler is one of those rare resources that one could launch a channel with. We have a lot of options if we choose to go down that path,” Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told financial analysts Wednesday.

But Feltheimer wouldn’t go into details following a report Tuesday in the New York Times about a planned cable TV channel called Tyler TV. Continue reading

Shocking! (Video): 6-Year-Old Girl Made to Tape Mother’s Group Sex Acts

As if you need more proof the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Authorities in Texas have charged a Dallas woman with forcing her 6-year-old daughter to repeatedly videotape her having group sex.

According to police records, the 24-year-old woman is charged with indecency with a child by exposure, a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The woman, who was arrested Saturday, was in jail Tuesday on a $50,000 bond. Continue reading

ABC’s Reviews ‘The Help’ and says it ‘Doesn’t Need Any’

Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer star in 'The Help'

*You can feel the Mississippi heat bearing down as you watch “The Help,” to say nothing of the actual heat wave currently soaking the nation or coming soon to a theater near you.

But make no mistake: This is no easy, breezy summer movie.

That’s a great thing. While the best-selling book that inspired the film has been billed a beach read, its subject is serious — black maids speaking out about their treatment on the cusp of the civil rights movement — and the movie does the story justice. “The Help” will move you and make you burst out laughing. During a month known for forgettable flicks, it leaves a lasting impression.

Most of that is due to stellar performances. If anyone deserves a standing ovation this summer, it’s Viola Davis. Continue reading

5th Male in Eddie Long Sex Case Breaks it Down with Blogger ‘Obnoxious’

Centino Kemp

*(Via – On the Obnoxious Radio Show produced by the Religazine Media Group, Centino Kemp the supposed 5th accuser of  “___________” detailed among other things his first meeting with “___________” the rape by “___________” and the subsequent emotional brainwashing employed.

Fill in the blanks as you see fit.

Below you will find the link to an excerpt of a 90-minute conversation with blogger William McCray (Obnoxious), courtesy of RMG radio. For more info, please check out Obnoxious’ website: Continue reading

Comcast’s New $10 Montly Internet Service for Low Income Families

*Comcast is tapping into its altruistic side a little bit and deploying a brand-new service tier, one that’s designed to bring the Internet to families that would otherwise be unable to pony up $40 to $60 for the company’s lowest tiered plan.

Dubbed “Internet Essentials,” Comcast’s new plan will cost a family only $9.95 per month for a connection that features 1.5 Mbps download and 384 Kbps upload speeds. There’s a guarantee of no price increases after-the-fact, as well as no activation fees or equipment rental fees for families signed up for the program. Enrollees will even be able to purchase a netbook computer via the Internet Essentials program for $149.99 (plus tax), and Comcast is offering free online and in-person “Internet training.”

To join the program, however, families have to meet four different criteria: Continue reading

Did Obama do Electric Slide at Birthday Party with Chris Rock and Friends?

President Obama and Chris Rock (in photo from 2007)

*President Obama marked his 50th birthday with a major fundraising swing through Chicago, but it turns out that wasn’t his only celebration.

Last night, the president celebrated his actual birthday with a celebrity-studded party at the White House. The event, which wasn’t listed on the president’s daily schedule, featured a “surprise” performance by Stevie Wonder and an A-list guest list that included rapper Jay-Z, comedian Chris Rock, actors Tom Hanks and Whoopi Goldberg and former NBA stars Grant Hill and Charles Barkley.

The party came to light after Rock posted a message on Twitter about the gala, mentioning that guests had performed the “electric slide.” Continue reading

Unbelievable Video: 2 Gunmen Shoot Up Crowded Bus in Philly

Brothers Karon and Raheen Patterson fire into a crowded SEPTA bus in Philadelphia

*Another sign that … well you  know. Here’s the deal. In Philadelphia, at least two men actually fired automatic weapons into a crowded city bus because a woman on board allegedly asked them to shoot at a passenger who criticized her for hitting her child.

Dramatic video obtained by shows men with high-powered rifles firing into a Septa bus last month.

Prosecutors allege that Penny Chapman, who was riding the bus with her young son, became upset after a passenger sitting behind her criticized her for spanking the boy.

Chapman then made a phone call directing brothers, Karon and Raheen Patterson, to fire at the passenger when the bus arrived at her stop, prosecutors say. Continue reading

Sorry, but Eating Healthy will Cost You a Lot More

*If you are trying to eat as healthy as the government wants you to, it’s going to cost you: at least $7.28  a week extra, that is.

A recent update of U.S. nutritional guidelines — what used to be known as the food pyramid and is now called “My Plate” — calls on Americans to eat more fresh foods containing potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin D and calcium.

But for a typical consumer, the simple act of adding more potassium to your diet could tack on hundreds more dollars to your annual grocery bill, scientists reported Thursday in the journal Health Affairs. Continue reading