Oregon Walmart Tells Bikini-Top Woman to ‘Get A Shirt On!’


Sandy McMillin wore her bikini-top into Walmart, was kicked out, and now seeks a written apology.

This story should’ve made it into our Jokey Joke section, but it’s obvious that a woman wearing a bikini-top into a Walmart (and Walmart) took this incident seriously.  When you see what Walmart was up against, you’ll see why.

According to CBS news, Eugene, Or., Walmart employees were on the case as soon as they saw a bald, tattoo-clad woman wearing a bikini-top into their store.  The woman was approached by an employee of the store and told that she had to “put a shirt on or leave” the store.  The woman, Sandy McMillin, was immediately infuriated.

McMillin accused Walmart of throwing her out of the store by escort, but Walmart says it never happened.  The woman was never physically removed from the store.  While it may be our right to wear and say what we want, those rights are altered when we’re in someone else’s house.  Well in this case, Walmart.

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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