Amy Winehouse Death Opens Eyes on Will and Testament

Amy Winehouse

The whole world was shocked to hear of Amy Winehouse’s sudden death…kinda.  She had been in the news with an undeniable drug and alcohol habit that showed up on stage with her in a fall or just loopy behavior.   She wrote a song about not going to rehab, but ignoring her prior judgment, she voluntarily checked herself in.  She had been recently released from rehab and her autopsy came back “inconclusive.”

Even with dying so unexpectedly though, she had updated her will and made arrangements for her mother, father, and brother to divide her estate and leave her ex-husband nothing.  According to MSN, it is said that her ex, Blake Fielder-Civil, was the individual responsible for getting her hooked on hard drugs.

But, the financial experts are impressed by her business savvy and how important it was for her and is for us to have a will.  If you’re married and you don’t have a will, everything will go to your spouse and/or children.  If you’re single and no children, your estate will go to your parent and siblings.  I know that part alone made you think. 

Read here to see all of the economical tips you can take to getting it done.

RIP Amy Winehouse! Thanks for the gifts you left behind.

-J.C. Brooks

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