Summer’s Eve Commercial is Racist? (Video)

Everywhere we look there is some form of what we feel is racism against one race or another.  But the constant bombardment of "Is this racist?" or "Is that racist?" is getting old.  If we wanna see what is racist we need to see who's behind the disproportionate unemployment amongst black families.  But, yet again, we're being asked, "Is that racist?" about a women's feminine cleansing product. C'MON SON!

There has to be a topic more engaging than how Summer's Eve chooses to entertain its consumers with talking vaginas for various minorities.  The thing about the black commercial in question is that those who believe Summer's Eve is using stereotypes are not building momentum here.  If you find a talking vagina in the form of a black hand offensive, okay.  There's some objectivity to the woman in using the hand, but what would be the alternative?

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Summer’s Eve Commercial is Racist? (Video)”

  1. Some people just like to make a race issue out of everything.
    I’m going out to buy the product, I could care less what color
    hand is.

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