Florida Teen Kills Parents Gives House Party (Video)

Tyler Hadley, 17, accused of killing parents and throwing house party afterwards.

The world is definitely flipping upside down and inside out with the constant insanity we hear daily going on in ordinary people’s lives.  It seems that killing your parents is becoming a trend amongst disturbed teenagers.  Some of them have gone as far as to take out their whole family.

But, on Sunday in Port St. Lucie, Fl., Tyler Hadley, 17, not only killed his parents, but he threw a house party to congratulate himself for a job well done.  There’s got to be some mental illness that the community is hiding for this child.  The neighbors , as they always do, say that he was so nice.  There was no signs of anything but a normal family.  You know!  The things that people say when a bizarre murderer shows up in their neighborhood.  Everything is always so normal.

His best friend, Mike Mandell, who spoke with police and turned him in even said that he would’ve never guessed that he was capable of something like this.  And while he was at the party Hadley threw, Hadley tried to convince him that he had killed his parents, yet he wouldn’t or couldn’t believe it.  Hadley finally took him into the master bedroom where his parents lie in debris and blood.

Is this real?  What could have been happening for him to kill them and throw a party?  Mandell also told police that Hadley revealed to him that he was high on Ecstasy when he killed his parents, but that has yet to be confirmed by police.

There’s nothing more to say.  Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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