Sears Makes Big Mistake by Nearly Giving Away iPads

If you were lucky enough to catch the latest discounts given by Sears a few days ago, you are sitting pretty and enjoying your highly coveted iPad.  The rest of you that ordered the technology gold and didn’t get in on same-day service can forget it.  It’s not going to happen for you and you may as well embrace that.

Sears caught the mistake and cancelled all orders that came in for the whopping low price of $69.  That’s right!  A 90 percent savings that most of us missed.  Those lucky ones out there that were able to walk in and grab one are probably looking at this story on it and laughing their butt off.  We salute you!

How could this type of mistake happen you might ask? Sears blames a third party.  One person, Linda Tanner, who bought it at the “too good to be true” price went straight into American baby mode on her Facebook page saying, “They should honor those prices and eat their mistake.”  Not going to happen says Sears! 

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