Rupert Murdoch’s Empire Continues to Fall with Another Death, a Smack and more Apologies (Video)

Rupert Murdoch gets an old fashioned pie in the face during Parliament proceedings over media scandal at News Corp.

Rupert Murdoch is on the hot seat to give up his throne.  He has yet to entertain the idea of giving up News Corp. which we reported Monday is in the midst of a major media scandal.  The mayhem jumped off with the murder of a missing 13-year old girl whose cell phone was tampered with when voice mail messages were deleted by reporters at the now defunct News of the World (owned by Murdoch).  But, then, right after our report was posted,  the initial whistleblower on the scandal ends up dead in his apartment.  Then the first thing authorities say is that it was not “suspicious.”  You know it’s comin’….C’MON SON!!! Get the buck outta here man with that bull! 

This thing stinks to the highest levels of authority and media. If they can find a way to tie in British Prime Minister David Cameron, this will be the biggest scandal burst wide open since Watergate.  When Murdoch sat before the British Parliament fumbling through his 3-hour testimony yesterday deflecting his culpability and loweirng the boom on those working for him as directly responsible, someone tried to slam him in the face with a shaving creme pie.  The incident was reminiscent of George Bush and the reporter who tried, not once, but twice to belt him in the face with his shoes.

It turns out that the culprit was a british comedian named Johnnie Marbles.  He was either trying to make as big a joke of the proceedings as they are turning out to be or he was really pissed off that the power in the world is evading justice once again.  But Murdoch is a boss and his wife is hood.  She went ghetto during the proceedings trying to slap and kick Marbles ass right there in front of Parliament, God, and errybody.

What is it going to take to bring this empire down?  The dealbreaker may be the 911 victims’ families phones that have been allegedly tapped by his organization.  Now let that become the truth and there’s going to be a misunderstanding and some fu’niture movin around in America.  Check out the proceedings here.  The woman in the pink is Murdoch’s wife, Wendi, lowering the smack heard around the world.

-J.C. Brooks

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