Chris Brown Bashed Already for Upcoming Role in Steve Harvey’s Book Gone Film

Steve Harvey and Chris Brown

James Brown wasn’t lying when he said “This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be anything without a woman or a girl.”   That lyric sums up American culture better than any other.  Men set things into motion and women allow them to let it function.  Now if the woman gets hell in her and sees things differently, her crusade to change things usually gets results. 

So, in saying all that, Chris Brown and Steve Harvey better cross their fingers and hope that their obvious reconciliation that has blossomed into a working relationship goes over well with the ladies.  So far….not looking good.  Clutch magazine printed a scathing “review” of the upcoming project “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” which hasn’t been released on film yet.  But, “Clutch” has taken  issue with the fact that “Chris Brown has been announced as one of the film’s stars.”

This gives us little information and if they have so little information on the film, they should’ve maybe kept it hush until they knew what he was being selected to do in the film.  He could be in a humiliating role that brings out how he feels about the incident with Rihanna and also gives us insight into why Steve Harvey chose him for the film.  There was a time that Steve Harvey publicly decried Chris Brown’s actions and let it be known that he wasn’t one of his favorite people because of it.  But it’s obvious that Harvey has changed his thinking toward the pop star.

But there are some things in Clutch’s argument that are valid. The male celebrities tend to get away with murder.  Well Chris brown didn’t kill her, but you know what I mean.  The culture throughout the world does not tend to be hard on men for their crimes against women.  But some women have helped make that possible.  A lot of women misrepresent the issues of women by not holding men’s feet to the fire for their crimes against them.  Some women, when given the opportunity to press charges, have a voice, or simply walk away from mistreatment, do not choose to defend themselves for various reasons.  Even Clutch said:

“I don’t believe that Brown should have been stripped of the opportunity to have a career once he completed his sentence following the 2009 assault on his then-girl. He has technically paid his debt to society, despite whatever his actions thereafter have said about his character. Let him sing, let him dance.”

But what if R. Kelly and others like him, had their careers ended by their actions?  What would happen then?  Do you think things would change?  Voice your opinion!  Read Clutch’s opinion here.

-J.C. Brooks

7 thoughts on “Chris Brown Bashed Already for Upcoming Role in Steve Harvey’s Book Gone Film”

  1. i think that chris brown is sexy as hell and he is a good dance and a great singer and i love him so much and i want too meet him in real life

  2. Leave Chris Brown the hell alone. Haters, haters, haters. Everyone is entitled to a mistake,

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