Woman Aims for Pit Bull, Fatally Shoots Husband

Betty White allegedly shoots husband by mistake while shooting at dog.

It seems like someone has been taking notes from Dick Cheney’s book, except he had the good¬†fortune of only shooting his friend in the face during a hunt.¬† The man survived, but unfortunately in this case, a woman’s husband did not.

Betty White of Jackson, Miss., told police that she was shooting at a pit bull that was attacking children in the neighborhood when she fatally shot her husband in the chest.¬† It all sounds pretty innocent until we get to the part where the kids in the neighborhood don’t corroborate her story.¬† They say no one was being attacked.

According to the dog’s owner,¬†Lazarius Montgomery, his little 8-month old “Cocaine” is always fenced in.¬† He said there’s no way his little puppy could’ve jumped the fence.¬† His cousin, Robert Ferguson, agreed with¬†him saying someone would’ve had to reach in, get him and place him outside the fence.¬†

Well, it looks like there’s going to be a long investigation on this one.¬† But, it should be just as short as Cheney’s open and shut case.¬† “I shot him! Sorry.”

Read more here and see who’s telling the truth; the owners of little Cocaine or Betty White.

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