Whoopi Slams GOP Over ‘Marriage Vow’ (Video)

Whoopi Goldberg loses it on The View and goes off on the GOP and Michele Bachmann.

We recently reported Michele Bachmann’s signing of a document called “The Marriage Vow.”  The document included wording that suggested that slavery was better for African American children because they lived in stable, two-parent households but under President Obama they are not afforded such an opportunity.  They are much worse off.

Whoopi Goldberg took issue with this (as she and other African Americans should) action and went off on Bachmann and the rest of the GOP about their problem with homosexuals and African Americans.  She was blazing mad when it came up on the View and she let them know how she felt.  The only surprising thing about her rant was that she didn’t cuss anyone out! 

Check her out:

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