T-Mobile First to Offer Name ID

Everyone’s home phone have long offered the luxury of knowing who is calling your home.  But, cell phones don’t give you that information.  The only way a cell phone customer is alerted to the exact name of who is calling them is if their number is already programmed into their phone.  Not anymore!

According to Clutch, T-Mobile will be the first of the top four cell phone companies to offer the service.  Presently, we can receive the name of people calling us on our home phone, but who owns a home phone anymore if they’re under 25?  The service also includes a little more information than is needed.

T-Mobile will be offering “a caller ID service that will show you the name, city and state” of the person calling.  If you’re doing the wrong thing out there with someone elses man or woman, it looks like things are getting ready to get ugly for you.  STOP IT!  We don’t need the unfortunate task of reporting your latest altercation because of this new service.  Technology is making it easier and easier to use a little bit of information to discover everything about you.

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