Phylicia Barnes’ Case Still Open, FBI Calls for All Online Activity

Phylicia Barnes is a 16-year old honor student that was found, along with a man, in the Chesapeake Bay after missing for months.

People all over the country, especially her mother and friends in North Carolina , are still mourning the loss of a young woman who came to visit her half-sister for Christmas in Baltimore and never returned to her mother in North Carolina.   She was obviously an integral part of her community and school when you look at the outpouring of interest and love that was put into finding her for months.  She will never be forgotten and the FBI appears to be determined to keep the case alive.  

According to the Baltimore Sun, there have been three warrants issued for the use of the 16-year old honor student, Phylicia Barnes’, online accounts.  Along with her Facebook page, she has several e-mail accounts that will be used to determine if there was some type of encounter that led to her abduction and murder. 

Federal authorities are working with Maryland’s child exploitation task force to prove their case that is leaning toward some sort of sexual abuse, according to Sister To Sister online magazine.  There was explicit evidence found that leads authorities to believe that she was sexually assaulted and maybe used as some sort of sex slave.

Read more details of this mind boggling story here.

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