Day Cares in Colorado Required to Have Dolls of All Shades

Colorado is planning for more diversity by proactively introducing the state’s babies to other ethnicities via their baby dolls.  Somehow it has become a requirement that all baby dolls in Colorado’s day cares represent every culture by using three different shades of color for their dolls.  Something for every child, right?

According to The Root, it has been proposed that the dolls in Colorado’s day cares show more racial sensitivity to the children that they serve.  But will that clear up problems of black children’s inability to connect with their own worth and morality?  The Kenneth Clark study where the young child is told to pick up the bad doll or the doll they like and they choose the white doll has been updated and still rings true.

There doesn’t seem to be anymore info on the reason this came about.  Read more here. 

-J.C. Brooks

Updated Kenneth Clark study.

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