Casey Anthony is a Black Man?

Casey Anthony

Mistaken identity and stolen identities are the latest problem technology is causing.  How else do you explain such a severe case of mistaken identity.  Everyone has seen Casey Anthony in the biggest court case since OJ Simpson’s and for some strange reason Facebookers and others have been hunting a black man down because of his similar name.

Casey Anthony is a 43-year old, black man from Darby, Pa., and he’s been mistaken for a 25-year old, white woman recently acquitted of murder in a trial that has dominated our televisions for years.  The male Anthony has been getting hundreds of friend requests, death threats, etc. on Facebook.  His sons, both named Casey Anthony, have been harassed too.

He said,  “After the verdict that day, it went crazy. It was like everybody wanted to know and wanted to comment on this Casey Anthony situation.”

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