Girl Loses Sight After Falling Asleep in Colored Contacts (Video)

Erica Barnes lost her sight to colored contacts and infection they caused.

Adults as well as teenagers like to wear colored contacts.  It’s fun to be a different person when you’re at the club and other places, but when the change in yourself is not the one you had intended things get serious quickly.  The one side effect of wearing illegal colored contacts is happening to a young Queens girl right now.  She has lost her sight.

According to PIX 11, young Erica Barnes purchased her colored contacts at a local beauty supply on Jamaica Avenue for $20.  But the trouble came when she fell asleep in her contacts and an infection immediately manifested itself in her cornea.  The damage is permanent and she now needs a cornea transplant.

The terrible thing about the trend is that she probably thought  it was safe because so many of her friends have bought them before and never encountered any problems.  Her stepmother, Trina Swain, is furious about the overwhelming availability of the contact lenses.  Check out this unfortunate mistake that will last Barnes her entire life.

-J.C. Brooks


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