Murderer Manhunt Ends in Murder Suicide in Michigan

Rodrick Shonte Dantzler, 34, killed himself after killing 5 adults and 2 children yesterday in a stand-off with Grand Rapids, Mi., police.

It appears that we are on crazy time.  The crazies just keep on coming.  Or are they really crazy?  Are there incidents occurring across the planet that are leading them to lose their minds.  Grand Rapis, Mi. is on the map now for an ex-convict who went into a rage and killed seven unidentified people.  He tried to run from police, but that didn’t go over well at all. 

According to MSNBC, 34-year-old Rodrick Shonte Dantzler was first noticed by police for his eratic behavior that seemed like road rage.  But, after chasing Dantzler seven people had been killed with two of them identified as his daughter and ex-girlfriend.  He also killed an unidentified 10-year old.

The people of Grand Rapids aren’t used to this type of event and those who knew the family had not been accustomed to this type of erratic behavior.  One neighbor said that she had just taken her kids over to the house to swim when Dantzler came over with his daughter the day before.

Dantzler has an extensive criminal record that includes domestic abuse.  He was more than likely triggered by an altercation with the ex-girlfriend who is probably the mother of his child as well.  But, the story is broken by his suicide at the end of the stand-off by police.  All of those who were on the inside are gone.  He killed 5 adults and 2 children and then himself, but after negotiating with police for some time.

Check out the rest of the report here.  God rest the victim’s souls.

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