Former Mayor of Detroit Writes Book on Legal Woes and Scandal

Kwame and Carlita Kilpatrick during the sentencing in his infamous trial in October 2008.

Kwame Kilpatrick does not give up! He’s got a new angle for generating cash this time.  And to help things, this venture will not come out of Detroit taxpayer pockets!   Yay! But it will include all the dirty laundry of the embattled former mayor of Detroit.  He figures he should capitalize on all of his pass transgressions to help pay the city back what he owes.

The time Kilpatrick has had behind bars has helped give him time to think.  He’s thought about all the people who have brought him down and put together a book to point the finger at all the officials that hurt his career, the city, and put him in jail.  Of course, none of this is OUR translation, but this IS how HE sees it!  He felt that he was doing the city a great service and here comes Kym Worthy (the prosecutor that brought him down) and her henchmen.

According to the Detroit Free Press, her henchmen include “judges who oversaw the criminal proceedings; former businessman and current Mayor Dave Bing, who suggested in 2008 that Kilpatrick resign; and former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm.”  Notice that he accepts none of the guilt!  He even goes so far as to say that the job of being Detroit’s mayor was so trying and that his relationship with his wife, Carlita, and “everything came second to Detroit” which pushed him into the arms of someone who could understand what he was going through.  His chief of staff Christine Beatty, who was also his high school friend and “longtime professional and personal confidante.”

The name of the book is “Surrendered! The Rise, Fall and Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick”, and he better give free copies to every Detroit resident that can survive reading the bull that is going to be piled up in his scandalous memoir.  Read more on the book here.

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