Verizon Stops Unlimited Data Usage

A wave of greed is on the air.  We’ve heard of the banks needing a bailout, the car companies needing to be bailed out, even the government was looking at a possible shutdown if they didn’t get the budget together.  But, did anyone get the memo saying that the phone companies are going under?  We didn’t see it either.  So, we can only conclude that someone is a yacht short and we’re getting to pay through the nose for cell service because of it…IF WE ALLOW IT!

According to MSNBC, on July 7, Verizon will shut down unlimited data usage plans on their cell phones for their mobile victims…oops!…customers.  The communications behemoth will be charging per MB (low usage) and GB (high usage).  They are actually jumping on AT&T’s bandwagon because they were the first to stop offering unlimited usage last year.   Can you say, “THIS IS A  STICK UP!” 

Verizon is going to make their high usage customers pay $50 per month for 5GB and $80 per month for 10GB JUST FOR THE DATA PACKAGE! That’s before they charge the regular monthly mobile fee.  The only way to stop the evil communications corporation from greasing up the pole they’re circling around their customers with is for folks to do the smart thing and set down the phone and drop the data package “droid” phones until the rates come tumbling down.  Come on! How much do you reallllllllllllllly need to access on your phone everyday? 

The ironic thing is that AT&T and Verizon may have singlehandedly put a stop to talking or texting while driving.  Think about it, who, other than P. Diddy, will be able to afford gas money and a cell phone bill?

Read more here on how the mobile companies’ biggest heist is going  down.  Can you believe they are making the information available to the public?  They don’t mind because…do I have to say it?

-J.C. Brooks

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