Toddler Falls from 10-Story Apartment and Lives

The odds  of someone surviving a 10-story drop are normally not very good.  But when good Samaritans get involved it appears that the odds start to shape up!  Over the weekend, a child found that out firsthand.  The good Samaritan and the child live to tell the story.

In Beijing, a 2-year old toddler was left with her grandmother, but grandma didn’t end up being the best candidate for a babysitter as she left the child in the 10-story apartment alone while she ran errands.  The child somehow found a window and crawled out of it. A woman on the street saw the girl dangling there for seconds and decided to break into superhero mode.  She “kicked off her high-heel shoes” and ran, with arms extended, to catch the child.

The woman, Wu Juping, 31, saw little Zhang Fangyu whose nickname is “Niu Niu” and managed to catch her.  Her only injury was a broken arm, but the toddler had an extended abdomen that doctors told China Central Television and the Xinhua News Agency may be the result of internal organ injury.

At the time of the report the child was in critical condition.  Read about the heroic mission through the heroe’s voice here.

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