Tina Turner Shot Randy Jackson?

Randy Jackson must have had a wild weekend that led to one of those drunken emotional moments where the person starts falling all over folks and telling them how much they love everybody and getting nostalgic.  How else do you explain his shocking, yet distorted trip down memory lane?  But, one thing doesn’t make sense.  Normally drunks are truthful, but according to one commenter his story has some holes in it.

Russell Simmons’ Global Grind, posted the story about Randy Jackson admitting on his Twitter page that at one time Tina Turner shot him when he was coming to her house to see his girlfriend. But, he only says that he came to the house to see his girlfriend and he must’ve “caught them off guard.”  And Tina turned and shot you?  Randy! You really want people to believe that Tina Turner was walking around her own home like some sort of Black Ops waiting for visitors? C’MON SON!

The first commenter on the Grind said:

SmoovArt DesignLab · Houston, Texas

“and y’all got it wrong. Bernadette was Tina’s son ex and thought of as a daughter. Randy was beating her. He surprised them by breaking a window and gaining entry. Who wouldn’t be caught off guard by that.. Wrong brother in the picture too.”
Makes sense to me without even checking his story.  Read the details here….if you need to.

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