Oregon Walmart Tells Bikini-Top Woman to ‘Get A Shirt On!’


Sandy McMillin wore her bikini-top into Walmart, was kicked out, and now seeks a written apology.

This story should’ve made it into our Jokey Joke section, but it’s obvious that a woman wearing a bikini-top into a Walmart (and Walmart) took this incident seriously.  When you see what Walmart was up against, you’ll see why.

According to CBS news, Eugene, Or., Walmart employees were on the case as soon as they saw a bald, tattoo-clad woman Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Puppy Fakes Death for Brother

Two English Setters, big brother and little sister.  Just like kids, they play together and the younger wants the older one’s attention.  Well, she gets it too.  When they play together the younger one falls dead.  It’s the funniest…kinda creepiest thing you’ll see. Continue reading

Kentucky For-Profit College Chain Sued for Scamming Students (Video)

There are institutes of higher education popping up everywhere.  They promise they can get you into a career in just two years.  They tell you they will give you all the financial aid you need, help with job placement, on and on and on with the promises.  But when you start your program or even complete it, there are immediate discrepancies. 

According to the Huffington Post, the Kentucky Attorney General, Jack Conway, is suing Daymar Colleges in Kentucky because of the findings in his investigation Continue reading

Amy Winehouse Death Opens Eyes on Will and Testament

Amy Winehouse

The whole world was shocked to hear of Amy Winehouse’s sudden death…kinda.  She had been in the news with an undeniable drug and alcohol habit that showed up on stage with her in a fall or just loopy behavior.   She wrote a song about not going to rehab, but ignoring her prior judgment, she voluntarily checked herself in.  She had been recently released from rehab and her autopsy came back “inconclusive.”

Even with dying so unexpectedly though, she had updated her will and Continue reading

‘Dear Daddy’ Doc Gives Voice to Black Women Without Fathers (Video)

Almost everyone you talk to has their story about Daddy.  They wonder where he is, why he treated them so bad, does he think about us, but most of all, why did he leave?  Some saw the relationship he had with their mother up close and personal, so they know why he left.  But the question still remains, “Why didn’t he at least see about me?”

These questions and the emotional trauma left behind from daddy’s absence are depicted in a new documentary entitled “Dear Daddy”.  Continue reading

Ford Says ‘Goodbye’ to CD Players

Remember when you had a CD player and a cassette player in your car?  Matter of fact, remember when you had a walkman?  Those started with cassettes, then they graduated to CDs.  But, when is the last time you saw anyone jogging through your neighborhood with either?  It’s all about the MP3 or iPod right?

Well, Ford is in agreement with the change and they are preparing to force a technology upgrade in some of their vehicles.  Continue reading

Georgia Town Cracks Down on ‘Sagging’ Pants

One city’s mayor is determined to find a way to stop the sagging pants that his city council and police officers have received.  Everybody complains about it, especially when the underwear is not only in complete view, but when they have the nerve to be dirty too. Continue reading

Texas Swingers Club Doubles As Church

We thought it was bad when we found out Bishop Eddie Long was soliciting young boys for sex, but how do you feel about a pulpit in the middle of a swingers club that offers strippers, onsite sex, beds, condoms, pornography on the big screen and, we believe, much more?   All of the “perks” are offered to those who want to engage in sexual activities with someone other than their spouse and maybe even allow the spouse to join in. Continue reading