Toni Morrison Puts Her Home on the Market

Toni Morrison's home in Princeton, NJ.

There are writers everywhere that want to put their bid in on a home that is a priceless treasure to every type of writer around.  The home shouldn’t be on the market long with its close proximity to Princeton as well as the scenery of the Princeton, New Jersey neighborhood.  And, oh yeah, the home belongs to Toni Morrison.

Now if you’re thinking about buying her beautiful home, it’s situated on a Mayberry block just an hour-long ride from NYC. Morrison is known for one of her most important pieces of fiction, Beloved, that she set to film with Oprah’s help.  The home, while set on a tree-lined block full with scenery, gives you the feeling of a beach home in the Hamptons.

Check out her home here.

-J.C. Brooks

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