NFL Player Turns to Teaching During Lockout

Denver Broncos Safety David Bruton takes his skills to the classroom during lockout.

One of the most important jobs is teaching our nation’s children.  Some people have been called to be a teacher, but some try it as a means to an end.  But, they find that it is a rewarding position with many fringe benefits that they never imagined.

As the NFL tries to workout its financial issues during the lockout, many players found themselves twiddling their thumbs trying to figure out what to do with their spare time. According to NPR, Denver Broncos safety David Bruton decided to try his hand as a substitute social studies and math teacher at Jane Chance Elementary School and his alma mater, Miamisburg High School in Ohio.

When NPR’s interviewer posed the question, “What’s scarier facing Randy Moss running down the sidelines or a room full of first graders?”  He immediately went with the first graders!  Bruton majored in sociology at Notre Dame, but he’s in need of a refresher for the math.

Teaching seemed to be a natural fit for him because of how well he performed in school, but he joked, “I was definitely in the books, on my iPad looking up how to figure out quadratic equations and finding out angles.”

 He’s also going to pursue family law or social work and possibly teach in a summer program if anyone needs him.  Check out his experience from his own voice here.

-J.C. Brooks

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