TSA Makes 95-Year Old Remove Diaper (Video)

How do we know when the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is going too far?  They’re just looking out for our well-being, right?  They have to take every precaution to make sure that the most unqualified candidates for security breaches are the first checked. Well! Too far is when you ask an elderly woman to remove her diaper to check it for weaponry!

According to CNN, the latest incident occurred at Northwest Florida Regional Airport.  The woman’s daughter, Jean Weber, said that TSA acted professional as they claim, but they did not have to remove her diaper.  We feel the same way.  They claimed there was a bulge on her leg and they couldn’t properly check her.  The urine had collected in her diaper and made a “bulge.” 

But if they determined that’s what it was, why go any further?  Well, Weber says her mom is fine, but it’s the “principalities” of the situation and she wants answers! Check it out:

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