US Airways Shows Double Standard White Man in Lingerie over Black Man’s Sagging Pants

Whtie man allowed service looking like this over Deshon Marman a week later in sagging pants.

WTFraggle nackle bull crapple is this! This white man in woman’s panties can fly on US Airways and the college football player with sagging pajama pants couldn’t?!  This guy looks like a freak of the week if I ever saw one!  This is absolutely ridiculous!  So, class, can anyone tell me why the white man in panties can fly and Deshon Marman, a young black man playing football on a full scholarship for the University of New Mexico with saggy pants could not? And remember, there’s no wrong answer.

In 2011, we have the perfect example in this case to show the severity of the stereotype of young black men in American society.  Anytime a white man can parade his panties through an airport and be welcomed for service over a black man with sagging pants, one must be alarmed!  And it’s obvious that at least one person was shocked by seeing this freak of nature enough to snap a photo of him.  But, bizarre as it might sound, THERE ISN’T ANY PICTURES OF THIS YOUNG BLACK MAN WALKING AROUND WITH SAGGING PANTS!   

I know one thing, white men with titty tassles, if me and my children are travelling and you want to put your sexuality on display for my children to see, there’s going to be some airport “furniture movin’ around!”  Read about US Airways’ racist hypocrisy and the possible ramifications from it here.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “US Airways Shows Double Standard White Man in Lingerie over Black Man’s Sagging Pants”

  1. Umm Deshon Marman was kicked off of a SOUTHWEST Airlines flight.
    US Airways has nothing to do with that earlier incident.
    All of you who are crying racist and double-standard are completely overreaching. And before you throw another red-herring and cry that I’m racist: I’m a Black man, and a militant one at that.

  2. OK, never mind, my mistake, I could’ve sworn the earlier incident was Southwest, but now I’m seeing it was in fact US Airways. Carry on smartly, they definitely have explaining to do.

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