Shocking Hit and Run Caught on Tape!

This is a perfect example of the scary new “temper tantrum” culture we live in today.  Everyone wants what they want and how they want it right now.  The technology that has been afforded to the general public has produced selfish babies that will go after what they want by any means necessary.  This woman thought she would beat someone to a parking space though.  A PARKING SPACE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

The store video will show how relentless she was in trying to secure her space.  The passengers of her car bailed and according to the Huffington Post, one of them, Tyhese Pitts, surrendered to police, but the driver, Wilaisha Rankins, a 32-year-old nurse, is still at large.  The hit and run occurred earlier this month at a 7-11 when the woman was racing to get into a parking spot and knocked an employee, 24-year old Gejea Ejeta, through the front window as he was trying to change a garbage bag in the outside receptacle.

Check it out for yourself.  Warning! It is shocking!

-J.C. Brooks

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