Parents: ‘Have Sex Right Here At Home. It’s Safer.’

We’ve always heard the term, “When in Rome…” But, we didn’t think that would mean fitting in with our teenagers and their social trends.¬† The “do it at home” method was born when parents across the nation¬†began to deal with new social problems¬†with their teens.¬† In the late 70s, young people were smoking marijuana with their parents or at least being able to smoke in the home because parents thought it was safer there.¬† They knew what you and your friends were doing and they could keep you out of harm’s way.¬† But now, parents are applying that same theory to sex.

ABC News reports that parents are finding it safer for their young adults to have sex in the home.¬† Now, I’m not totally certain if “safer” is the best term for what they are allowing because they are not having sex for the whole family to see with sideline assistance: “Hey! You didn’t slip that condom on!” or “Hey! the condom is sliding off! You better stop and shift it around.”¬† Somehow, I don’t see that happening.¬† But, some parents that were interviewed felt that with their teenager doing it at home they felt better about it because they weren’t stealing away to some seedy joint to have sex.¬†

Chloe Foreht¬†okayed her 17-year old daughter to have sex at home saying:¬† “If they’re having it outside the home ‚Ķ who knows who they’re having it with? You know, it’s — there’s a bigger chance, I think, of less safe sex, maybe more different partners. You know, not understanding that it is something that is okay if you’re doing it with somebody you really care about and you want to do it and, you know, you’re not all drunk at a party.”

Foreht also explained that this was her daughter’s long time boyfriend, so she felt comfortable that her daughter wasn’t having sex with anyone outside of this guy.¬† But how can you really know?¬† There are a lot of “tricks” out there these days Foreht!¬† They could be¬†bringing the one you know home and sleeping with the one they want over his house or in the seedy place you’re trying to keep¬†them from.

One male parent, Ritchie Steinmann, who is the father of two teens is old school like me!  He said:

“I draw the assimilation between sex in the home and drinking ‚Ķ You don’t drink in my home. You know, you don’t bring home a girl or a boy, you know, and close the door and run around in my home. You know, it’s the decency and sanctity of what we call home.”

PREACH Ritchie!¬† We have to bring these kids back to boundaries!¬†¬† Looking at the landscape of America, these chil’ren done lost their minds!¬† BUT! It’s obvious that the parents have too.¬† Read the rest of the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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