RHOA Husband Charged with Assault of a Former Female Employee

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has more drama being reported out of their camp and they’re not even on the air anymore.  If the cameras would’ve kept rolling a while longer they would’ve been able to get to the bottom of some things and followers may have had some of their concerns confirmed about the newest husband on the show.

At the finale of the show, model Cynthia Bailey married her beau Peter Thomas…against the wishes of her family that is.  Her sister was so distraught over Cynthia’s decision to go ahead with the wedding, she had a mini-breakdown in the bride’s dressing room and held her marriage certificate in her purse leading Cynthia to believe that she had left her own marriage certificate at home.  But, it looks like there may have been good reason behind all of the apprehension from Cynthia’s mother and sister beyond the financial difficulty that Thomas was having.

According to MediaTakeout, Thomas has been charged with assault by one of the women, named Tamela,  that worked at his Uptown Club in Atlanta.  During the final season of RHOA, he decided to close the club due to financial distress.  He is having a bench trial over the incident and hoping to only get a year in jail.  Check out the full story here.  All of this mess hasn’t been completely confiemred yet.

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