Update: College Football Player Ready to tell His Side of the US Airways Fiasco (Video)

Deshon Marman, 20, gives his side of the story on US Airways.

We reported last Thursday on the story of Deshon Marman being kicked off a US Airways flight.  The airlines had a chance to release their side of the story, so now he wants his chance to set the record straight as well.  He has been the center of  negative attention from a story that doesn’t depict him in a good light.  He’s an aspiring professional football player who wants to be a role model and this is not a good look for the young athlete.

He first told ABC, he wanted to apologize to all of the passengers that had been disrupted from their travel plans because he never thought this incident surrounding his pajama bottoms would have escalated to this point. But he felt he was a paying passenger who didn’t present any cause to be removed from the plane.  He told reporters that a flight attendant asked him to leave his seat and then the pilot asked for his boarding pass. 

But Marman refused to de-plane and the situation escalated with Marman and the pilot which resulted in the pilot making a citizen’s arrest.  Marman said, “I’m just like everybody else on this plane. I’m human, and the pilot said, ‘No, you’re not. You’re not like everybody else.’ ”  Marman was polite enough to refrain from attempting a translation of the pilot’s remarks, but luckily enough for us, we don’t have to show as much discretion.  The pilots remarks were some racist fraggle nackle bull that he will swear up and down was not racist if anyone comes to the young man’s rescue.

Marman is on a full athletic scholarship at the University of New Mexico where he was headed for summer football camp.  The university has already printed a full statement of support for him and plans to stand behind him through it all.  Check out Marman’s interview with ABC.

-J.C. Brooks

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