Facebook Shows Off Emergency Capabilities

In this day and age, technology never leaves us alone.  There is not a waking moment that you’re not near either a telephone, cell or computer that keeps you connected to the world.  Some are tiring of the constant distraction of a virtual world, but when the upside to this constant bombardment shows its useful side, we are hooked all over again and the cycle continues. The useful side in one woman’s case was a simple call for help over Facebook.

Imagine typing “911” on your Facebook page.  Now, how many people do you think would respond?  Exactly!  It’s scary and refreshing to think about.  A resident of Stuart, Fl., Cindy Lincoln, was home alone on Memorial day when she fell while doing her laundry.  And like every household in America, there just happened to be a computer nearby in the laundry room of her house.  Her husband was out of town, but her Facebook page was only keystrokes away.

She was sitting in a chair that had flipped when she reached for a towel.  But, when she fell she heard a “snap.”  Her femur had been broken and she had to crawl to the computer nearby.  She got on to her Facebook page in extreme pain to simply type, “Call 911.”  It worked after laying on the floor a long time…but it worked.  Check out what happened next:

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