Nigerian Woman Charged with Human Trafficking

Bidemi Bello, 41, convicted of human trafficking.

The Oprah Winfrey show did a lot to open our eyes to the underbelly of America in her expose’s on slavery in America.  In most cases, the people responsible for the “human trafficking” or, in this case,  enslavement, is foreign people who bring their own people to the shores of promise and opportunity (also known as America).  Well, they tell them that to get them here and then, literally, all hell breaks loose.

The latest story is out of Georgia where a Nigerian woman, Bidemi Bello, 41, with dual citizenship, lured two young women to her lavish home in suburban Atlanta to be her slaves, according to CNN.  She brought them from Nigeria to be nannies and housekeepers.  In 2001, she brought the first girl, “Laome,” in the country with a  fake British passport.  She did it again in 2004, with a 20-year old woman referred to as “Dupe,” also with a fake passport.

A neighbor said she could hear someone saying, “Die, die, die!”  But, she didn’t think that she heard what she thought she heard.  What she heard was the women being beaten and abused by Bello for minor infractions like not responding to her child quick enough or something left undone in the housekeeping. 

Bello was convicted on “eight counts by a federal jury late last week: two counts each of forced labor, trafficking for forced labor and making false statements in an application to become a U.S. citizen, and one count each of document servitude and alien harboring.”

She faces 20 years, up to a $250,000 fine and her citizenship is expected to be stripped.  Immediately after serving her sentence, she will be shipped back to Nigeria.  Check out the neighbors account of what happened.

-J.C. Brooks

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