Man Shoots At Cops with Nail Gun…Lives!

Maybe you feel confused by the headline a little.  Well, I’m going to clear that up for you.  Think about it!  When I said “Man shoots at cops…”, where did your mind go?  Didn’t you assume he was dead?  At least in my community those four words would usually end with “…and the gunman was pronounced dead at the scene.”

But, obviously, Michigan’s Summit Township is a neighborhood unlike my own.  A white man chases his girlfriend and her mother down the street with a knife and the police spend SIX HOURS trying to apprehend him.  At some point during the stand-off, he ran out of his house armed with a nail gun.  He shot from the door and even walked down off the porch to shoot more.

Now!  I’m sorry, but I have to say this…change the white man to a “black male” in the report and there will be an outcome equivalent to a horror or action movie.  He would’ve had the cops at “hello.”  Well in this case, at the door opening up.  I could hear it now, “We saw what appeared to be some sort of weapon or AK-47 and fired 257 times.”

One officer even says, “We took measures to try to resolve this without some type of conflict.”  When someone, anyone, finds footage of this type of incident occurring with a black man on the receiving end and he isn’t killed or maimed, please let me know.   In  Amadou Diallo’s case, he only had his wallet in his hand.  When wallets start looking like guns, you should definitely start looking for pigs flying in the sky! Check out the report here. 

-J.C. Brooks

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