Women Need to Find an Ugly Man to Find True Happiness?

Experts and amateurs alike are incessantly trying to figure out the dating, marriage, relationship issue.  The latest theory is that women are trying too hard to find Prince Charming.  It appears that falling for the “frog” would be a better deal than waiting for the Prince.

It seems like an easy equation.  Boy meets girl, they date, get married, have a couple children and live happily ever after.  But according to Huffington Post’s Vicki Larson, the guy, if handsome, will be too interested in himself to be that into you.  Men are inherently, selfish.  That simply means they look out for their best interests and usually know themselves and in most cases, are not going to sacrifice who they are for the relationship.  But, in most cases, a woman will. 

But it seems all that will change  if you can find a man that isn’t as vain as the embattled New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.  Look at all those pictures he took of himself.  Do you think he had time to call his wife with all the sexting and picture taking he had going on?  NO!  He had found an interested party of women who were equally as enamored with him as he was with himself.

Larson states in her report:  

“And that’s where [Huma] Abedin and other smart, beautiful, accomplished women often make their mistake. The more financially independent women become, the more they prefer good-looking men. But they don’t just want their partners to be hotties; they want them to be masculine, physically fit, loving, educated, a few years older and making the big bucks. Oh, and they also have to really want to be a hubby and daddy. That’s a tall order.”

Damn right that’s a tall order! That person does not exist.  And I am not convinced that he can be found in a less attractive package. Now if a woman is looking for a gay guy, she may hit pay dirt.  Don’t smirk!  It’s been done.  Some women live in open relationships with gay men and turn her head to have all of the above.  Look at Star Jones’ relationship that went south.  Do you think with all that was revealed that she didn’t leave him for “other ” reasons?

While I may be kidding about women opening up to other “options” before going “ugly” to get what they want, it appears that Larson isn’t….well in so many words.  Her research found that higher amounts of testosterone in a man can leave him a terminal bachelor.  Her results found that men with higher testosterone levels are “43 percent more likely to get divorced than men with normal levels, 31 percent more likely to split because of marital problems and 38 percent more likely to cheat.”

I believe there is definitely somebody out there for everybody.  Normally, men take their time and lay back and let a woman do all the chasing to find him and snag him.  That used to be called courting.  In case you’ve never heard of it, it is a ritual that men performed in 20th century America, to win the affection of the woman of his choice.  But now, not only is the term antiquated, but it appears that the practice is obsolete.  Women are on the prowl and taking prisoners!  But the problem is once she snags him, he usually has already been convicted of something beforehand.

And another thing, is it possible that Larson isn’t familiar with Biggie (RIP), Rick Ross, Flavor Flav, Lil’ Jon and other less attractive African American  men who have been embroiled in problems with infidelity?  Sorry Larson, black men don’t apply to this formula.  They love themselves and usually have no problem finding the rich women or the financially challenged women of the world to bend over…backwards!  Try again.

Check out her attempt at figuring this thing out here.

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  1. * The men and women of modern day western society are narcissistic, selfish people surrounded by infinite options of more of the same… And just like the dunce in the classroom, the focus stays on them.

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