Most Expensive Home EVER in the U.S. Finally Sells


The Spelling family is television royalty.  The fortune built by Aaron Spelling (who died in 2006) during his more than 50-year career was evinced by the sprawling estate he lived in with his family.  Spelling produced classic TV shows like:  Love Boat, Starsky & Hutch, Hart to Hart, Charlie’s Angels, the list goes on for miles.  The home he built with his wife had been on the market for nearly 2.5 years without any change in price. Normally, there is a drop in selling price by the owner when they have difficulty selling, but Spelling’s widow held out and has accepted a deal.

The no-haggle price obviously paid off for Aaron Spelling’s widow, Candy Spelling, who has been in the news over her estranged relationship with their famous daughter, Tory Spelling, over the fortune left behind.  The house went up for sale in March 2009 and is under contract by racing billionaire princess Petra Ecclestone.  Her father is billionaire and CEO of Formula One Racing, Bernie Ecclestone.  TMZ reports that the massive mansion sold for $85,000,000, a little more than half of what she was asking.

The house is more than 15,000 square feet with 123 rooms, equipped with a beauty salon, bowling alley, gift wrapping rooms, parking for 100 cars, a monkey training room, a circus arena, a guest room for Michael Jackson complete with a 24-karat gold toilet and diamond encrusted sink and shower.  Ok! You got me!  Everything was true up to the parking facility.  But the other stuff fit too, right?  I mean, extravagance is extravagance.

-J.C. Brooks

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