McDonald’s Hoax That Charges Black Patrons More Causes Firestorm

What is going on over at McDonald’s when they can’t escape public relation nightmares.  It seems that either the violence that has erupted in restaurants throughout the chain is caused by some secret chemical component in their food or McDonald’s owns way too many restaurants in the lawsuit age.  The super chain of fast food is turning out to be a drama magnet for every offense imaginable.

Now, they are faced with major scrutiny over a sign posted on Twitter that read: “PLEASE NOTE: As an insurance measure due in part to a recent string of robberies, African American customers are now required to pay an additional fee of $1.50 per transaction.” 

The  note even includes an 800 number in case you need further assistance. Turns out, the toll free number is for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The fiasco is indicative of other incidents that have occurred within the fast food behemoth recently.  But most of them are incidents of violence.  Remember the girl who pulled the teller through the drive-thru window?  Or how about the very next day another woman comes in and goes berserk over a problem with her cheeseburger?  What about the person who proved a McDonald’s burger can last you six months without decomposing?  And certainly not the last, nor the least, the woman who just in April, mowed down a crowd of McDonald’s hopefuls at a job fair.  And these are just SOME of the stories we’ve reported!

Read more here about the backlash of the hoax.

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