Wife Loses It Over Husband’s Infidelity, Tries to Kill Mistress and Baby (Video)

Super crazy Kisha Jones, attempt to kill husband's mistress and unborn child.

This is an old story, but we had to share it anyway.  A couple years ago in Brooklyn,  a woman found out her husband was cheating and she decides that she will try to get chummy with the mistress.  Well, her intentions were not those of a good friend, but rather a case of an enemy that wanted to keep her enemy closer…and dead. 

She decided she would give the woman an abortion pill or sometthing like that to get rid of the baby. But, she was not successful and the woman gave birth.  Sorry, no cigar! Kisha Jones, 35, then went into her arsenal and got  a man to go to the hospital with two bottles of breast milk for the newborn.  He told the staff that he was a friend of the mother’s who wanted him to drop off breast milk for the baby.  That attempt was also thwarted and it turns out the bottles had poison in them.

Check out this crazy case here.  Women! Go after the man!  He is the only one  that everyone is certain  has ALLLLLL OF THE INFORMATION !   What would you do?  Are you going to go as far as poisoning an outside baby?  Who does that?  Kisha Jones…that’s who.  But the even more ridiculous aspect of the case is that she only received four years for her antics.

-J.C. Brooks

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