The Government’s Black Employees are Diminishing Under Unemployment Crisis

African Americans search for government jobs and have held them as a source of stability for decades. The postal workers and various employers in every branch of government have considered black employees to be a valuable member of the exclusive club of federal workers.  But now that we have been hit by an overwhelming recession, black jobs are being eliminated first.

There are various stories about those who had been enjoying the stability of their jobs until the recession hit, black unemployment spiked, and within the federal government African American jobs are hit hardest by eliminations.  Since when did the people who literally built this country become members of another exclusive club…the expendables?

There are various stories of 50-something-year-olds who are floundering in the job market like fish out of water who have held their jobs more than 20 years and unsure of what moves to make in order to get another position in the government or outside of it.  According to the Huffington Post, nearly 21 percent of African American adults hold government jobs, as compared to 17 percent of white workers and 15 percent of Latinos.  Also noted in their report, “public agencies are the single largest employer for black men, and the second most common for black women.”

A serious anchor in our society is becoming unearthed and profoundly affecting the families of those who have  become accustomed to the stability of job security.  Read  the personal stories here that put a name with a story.

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