Paralyzed Player Drafted by MLB’s Texas Rangers

Johnathan Taylor was drafted by the Texas Rangers after a paralyzing clash with teammate at University of Georgia.

It might sound a little weird that a major league baseball team would draft a paralyzed man to play for them, but obviously, there is a method to the team’s madness.  It is indeed a genuine gesture that has and will always mean the world to this young man and his family.

With a promising baseball career ahead of him, Johnathan Taylor was playing for University of Georgia when he suffered a neck injury during a game in March that rendered the young man paralyzed from the waist down.  Taylor and his teammate Zach Cone collided, breaking Taylor’s neck.  Doctors tried to stabilize his spine, but it is likely that he will never walk again.

But today he is living his dream of being drafted into the major leagues thanks to the front office over at the Texas Rangers’ camp.  During this season, the Rangers, including  Cone, who was drafted in the supplemental part of the first round on Monday night, took turns wearing Taylor’s No. 2 jersey.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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