Mobs of Young Black Men Rob and Beat Bus Passengers in Chicago (Video)

The gas prices are so high that a lot of us have parked our cars and taken to the bus system as a cheaper route, but in Chicago that may not be a good idea right now.  The busses have been hit by a band of thieves that come in an anti-Robin Hood effort to steal from the poor.  Those in Chicago that use the bus as their primary mode of transportation are terrified of their bus being hit.

So far only five of the perpetrators have been caught, according to NBC Chicago.  The men range in ages from 14 to 20 and there were as many as 15 that hit the busses in the University of Illinois at Chicago campus area.  Students that regularly ride these busses are no longer safe to do so.  The items the thugs made off with are a cell phone, and an iPod that took some fighting to get.  They beat one man and shattered a glass bottle on the head of a student to get them.

Police will be reviewing bus tapes and are creating a strategy in an attempt to thwart the next hit by the vigilantes.  Check out their plan here:


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