Rohan Marley Tweets Lauryn Hill’s Newest Bundle is Not His

Is the Hill/Marley camp in shambles?

There’s something really fishy going on in the Lauryn Hill camp.  She is pregnant with baby number 6, and it’s kind of shrouded in speculation and murky water.  Folks are reporting strange goings on between the couple and it sounds like her husband, Rohan Marley is stirring up some stuff regarding the two’s relationship and the gossip sites are abuzz. reported that Rohan has obviously went Twitter crazy into his relationship with Lauryn.  He let everyone know that the newest baby that Lauryn is carrying is not his and that they are not married.  He had a mini-interview with a gossip columnist saying that there’s so many things out there that are untrue and he began to dispel them all.

He ended by saying that he’s glad for Twitter because he can set the record straight when he reads anything about him that is untrue.  Now Lauryn!  You have been preaching to us about how to live and who we should be looking for, so it’s time to practice what you preach!  Sounds like you’ve made another unwise choice.  Check out the story here.

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