Missing Chicago Woman Sat in Morgue Over a Year

Carmelita Johnson, 47, missing for over a year and found in the morgue.

The Chicago police department dropped the ball on an investigation into the whereabouts of a woman whose family pushed for a more thorough investigation into her disappearance last year.   When she was found in a morgue and no one had identified her for over a year, the hurt had been brought to the surface for the family all over again.

Carmelita Johnson, 47, had been missing since January 2010.  She was known for prostitution, drugs and domestic abuse.  In fact, her daughter, Leslie Jackson, 26, said her mother was in an abusive relationship with a man who threatened to kill her which intensified her concern for her mother.  A&E had run the story on their show First 48 to hopefully, get more assistance with finding Johnson.

Chicago’s finest told the family, just last week, that they needed dental records to help with the case. But all the time the body of Carmelita Johnson had been sitting in the morgue since April 2010.  The body was so badly decomposed by water that the findings were inconclusive into the cause of her death.

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