Apple Disses Facebook in Software for their Devices

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook

What’s going on between Facebook and Apple?  Everyone’s iPods and iPhones are full with a million apps, but Apple is updating their operating system, iOS5,  for their products and infusing certain services apps including a social network of their choice.  Well, with half the planet on Facebook, the no-brainer is Facebook, right? NOT!

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple decided to run with Twitter.  Going with Twitter over Facebook for their social networking app is akin to choosing Wendy Williams over Oprah for your networking officer.  You’ll get the bells and whistles and a little fun, but it is not the scale it could be.  But Jobs figures that Mark Zuckerburg’s site, which connects a third of the planet to one another, would step on Apple’s toes.

Apple has its own identity and Jobs may be fearful that Facebook is going to shadow their coveted image of one-stop shop for Apple products.  Microsoft is also a major investor in Facebook and Apple’s competition. There may be a major conflict of interest there as well.  But, it’s all speculation right now.  There’s also other behind-the-scenes drama that has gone down between the two.  Last year, a deal fell apart that would’ve incorporated Facebook into Ping, Apple’s networking site.

Hopefully, there won’t be some Tupac and Biggie stuff going down between the two. But, you never know!  Does anyone use Ping?  Looks like Apple is a little insecure that they’d be living in Facebook’s networking shadow.  Check out the story here.

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