Jokey Joke: Anderson Cooper Slams Movie Texters with His ‘RidicuList’

Do you have problems with people who like to text in the movie theater?  This problem was totally off our radar because the general thought is that you don’t want to HEAR someone’s conversation during your movie.  Right?  But now it’s going to another level with the texting because there’s other elements of it that are disturbing.

According to Anderson Cooper, the glowing screen and constant tap tap tappin’ or whatever clicking texters do is apparently distracting and disrespectful of others in the theater.Maybe if you’re sitting right next to someone that is texting it could get on your nerves.  I guess I can see that.  But, Anderson is really funny when he calls out a particular “theater texter” in Texas’ Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on his RidicuList.

He keeps referring to the texter as the “drunk girl.”  The girl was kicked out of the theater and she left a nasty, distorted message on the theater’s voicemail.  The girl even said she wanted them to “excuse” her for using her phone, “In USA Magnited States of America.”  Check it out for yourself.

-J.C. Brooks

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